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Welcome to Severed Toe, the home of the webcomic by the same name, no less.  This comic is has more of an adult nature to it, using expletives and occasionally crude drawings of genitalia.  I would rate it as NC-17 content.  Well, actually I wouldn't rate it as anything but funny, but some people have an aversion to certain parts of the human body.  Because of this, viewer discretion is advised.

Severed Toe is updated whenever the hell I feel like i.

2004.02.16Yeah. This comic is dead...for now. Maybe I'll resurrect it sometime in the future. I'm way too busy to take the time necessary to come up with a comic, draw it, scan it, and then prep it in Photoshop (or the GIMP now, since I've switched to Linux).

2002.11.01 I've actually drawn another comic! Finally there's another morsel of untamed weirdness at your disposal.

2002.06.14 I am not funny when it comes to writing comics. I've honed my drawing skills a lot in the last five months that I've been doing Severed Toe, but the quality of the gags are not very well laid out, and in many cases, they don't exist. I don't want to kill Severed Toe, though, because I feel that it fills a rather unique niche in the webcomic community. So, what I want to do is let someone else take over the writing aspect of the comic, and I would deal solely with the visuals. This doesn't mean that I am going to stop writing webcomics completely. On the contrary, I have two or three ideas for more serious comics that I wish to pursue.

My only problem, then, is that I must find someone who wants to do the writing--someone who realizes that they will more than likely get no money for doing this. He/she can be anyone, provided they can write a strip that is both funny and coherent (which I am not so good at doing, as I tend to try too hard to be funny and sacrifice coherency, and then it just turns out to be stupid). I have my doubts as to whether anyone is actually going to want to do this, but I'm going to try anyway.

So, if anyone is interested in partnering up with me on this, please contact me. Basically, write me a script, and keep in mind that I usually have at a maximum 3 panels. For certain circumstances, I may make an exception, but the norm is 3 equal panels.

2002.04.07 Sorry I haven't put any new comics up lately.  I'm having great fun getting my other sites up and running properly on the new host.  Severed Toe shall return within the week.

2002.04.04 The new domain is up and running!  I'm very happy, as I will never have to see another fucking tripod pop-up ad (for any of's webmasters' sites, anyway).

2002.04.02 Severed Toe is about to have a new host.  The archive has already been moved there, but the entire site shall not be moved until the domain name kicks in.

2002.04.01 Well, Tob Tolbert was the only person to send in an entry, so by default, he is THE WINNER!!!  I will be accepting entries throughout the day, even though they will not be judged.  They shall be put on a page secondary to the main 04/01 page.

2002.03.27 UPDATE ON THE CONTEST!  The deadline shall be 10 PM EST on Sunday, March 31.  I've got to have time to judge, prepare the pages, do any resizing that may need to be done, and so on.  Also, if you don't feel like doing a comic, but would like to draw a picture, I'd be glad to stick that in the yet-to-be-created fan art page.  Have fun!

2002.03.23 April 1st is a little over a week away from now, so I'm going to do a contest of sorts.  I want YOU to draw the April Fools Day strip.  Basically, I'll display any and all submissions.  The best one will be displayed on the April first page, and the rest will be on a secondary page.  Send them to me via email or, if you're part of my USC crowd, just send them to me however you wish.

2002.03.23 Severed Toe is ranked 205th for the search string "genetalia" on Yahoo.  Yeah...that's not even spelled right.  My question is why would someone would go through 200 pages of stuff about genitalia with the word misspelled.  Surely, by that point you would have found a site to which you could masturbate to your heart's content...and then you go to a webcomic?!?

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